This disease is transmitted by two viruses, causing constipation. There are cases in which the disease can become chronic, sometimes causing pneumonia. The only form of prevention is vaccination.

Viral disease easily transmitted between cats. There is no effective treatment, is necessary to perform screening test at 8 weeks. As prevention, there is a vaccine with their ribs.

The emergence of tartar is inevitable over the life of your pet.
You can wash the teeth with proper pastes for animals, giving dry food, and in this way keep the teeth clean.
Sometimes it is necessary to do scaling, when the breath is heavy and tartar is visible.
Please Note: The hygiene of the mouth is very important because over time the deposit of bacteria on teeth is so intense that the animal starts eating these same bacteria. These will affect the respiratory system with lung diseases and circulatory system with verrucous endocarditis.

The ideal food for your pet is dry food. This helps the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and in the exercise of the periodontium, keeping teeth clean.
There are many diets on the market that fully meet all the needs of your pet, and as such do not have to worry about supplements.
The canned food have several disadvantages: it has sugar, which increases the prevalence of tartar, is more expensive, does not require the intake of water, and sometimes causes severe intestinal disorders.

Prevention of Hairballs
The anatomical shape of the mouth of the cat (with spikes) means that cats, in carrying out their daily personal hygiene, they swallow large amounts of hair, forming tangles that lead to vomiting or even intestinal obstruction. It should be given a weekly paste preventive training of hairballs.

Toxoplasma is a parasite of small size, found in animals of various species like the cat (this parasite is not transmitted by the dog). It may also be present in soil and plants.
Therefore, it is important to regularly worming your cat.


Viral disease easily transmitted between cats (by blood, excrements, saliva or urine). There is no effective treatment and lead to high mortality in this species. It is advisable to test screening of these diseases since young. The only possible prevention is to avoid contact with cats of unknown provenance, or preventing the outflow of the cat on the street, either by castration.

Fleas cause in most animals severe allergic reactions (caused by the flea saliva) in which they start biting and scratching areas attacked, leaving the hair with a bad state. By eating the fleas, not only the animal but also children can become infected with roundworms, once the flea lodge these parasites.
Sometimes, the fleas bite us, creating reactions of itching. Effective supervision should be done monthly or through an injection of 6 in 6 months.

Ticks can cause severe fevers, may even cause death to animals and people, and they are simply snapped a few hours.
Effective supervision should be done at least in the warmer months of the year. Prevention is also made with vaccination in December / January or July / August.