Cats are feline pet very self-confident, which can be very playful and affectionate. They are very clean animals, ideal for apartment living, because they discard the walks on the street.



Cats are very curious animals, and so we should not give them opportunities to jump into dangerous places such as washing machines open, balconies, windows, trash cans, etc. Small objects, decorations, poisonous plants and food should be kept out of reach.
Must provide to the cat a comfortable bed, which should be placed in a quiet place where he can sleep calmly.


Cats don’t like to travel, but if you have to do it, he should be placed in a box or basket carrier, and never let loose in the car. A few days before making the first trip, put on the floor of your house the carrier open so the cat goes in and feel good inside.



If your cat remains a long time alone at home, he will surely get bored. So, play with him daily for at least 15 minutes, and offers him several toys for him to have fun and exercise when are alone.


His bathroom (sand box) should be placed in accordance with the requirements of the cat and the convenience of the owner, but always in a place away from the feeding area, and a quiet and reserved place.
The sand must be changed whenever you notice it is dirty.When the gravel is very dirty, cats tend to spread it or make their needs outside the box.
Cats are very clean animals, they learn early to take care of your hygiene. They do not need bath, they lick themselves regularly to wash themselves.
The short-haired cats should be brushed with a soft brush to remove old hair. The long-haired should be brushed daily with a comb and a bristle brush.
Cats like to eat grass to vomit the balls of their own hair. To make sure that he does not eat poisonous plants or pesticides, plant in a pot grass or canary and let him eat when he need it.



The feeding zone should be a corner of the kitchen where you can put a carpet or a newspaper. The bowls for food and drink must be kept clean. If there are multiple cats, each one must have their individual bowls.
Cats like always to have food available. You can give them permanently dry food because it does not change, nor lie much smell.

At mealtimes you can offer other sources of food such as canned food, egg, meat (except pork), baked or broiled fish, yogurt and cottage cheese.
You should never offer candy, pork, sausage, ham, cheese, etc…
Do not feed your cat in excess because he becomes obese, and will certainly have health problems when he is older.
The water should be always available, and placed in a bowl with the food.