Contact with the mother and siblings until 8 weeks of age, is crucial to their psychological wellbeing and formation of character.
Kittens should only be removed from the mother when they can eat alone, and learn some rules for cleaning and socialization.



When kittens arrive at their new home, you must show them the sand box, and they instinctively realized that there is their bathroom.
Kittens early care of their own hygiene, licking each other regularly to wash themselves, and do not need bath.
They must begin to be brushed regularly with a soft brush not only to remove dead hair, but also to get used to this ritual of hygiene.



The kitten begins very early to eat from the bowl of the mother by imitation, and as their stomach is very small, it needs to feed often during the day.
The dry rations are the most suitable food to be left on hand, because they are well made and will not change its composition. You can also serve them at meal time canned food specific for kittens, rice with meat (not pork) or fish.
You should be careful when you offer cow's milk, because it can cause diarrhea. Alternatively, you can give special milk for kittens, yogurt, cottage cheese, cottage cheese or boiled egg. Rations or cans for kittens are the foods most recommended. Do not give your food scraps to your kitten.
Fresh water should always be available.


As children, this small quick being will cause some damage to your home. Pay special attention to windows, balconies, appliances and narrow spaces where it can enter and can’t get out.
UA kitten at home alone will be bored easily. Look for providing him with a large number of toys (balls of wool, mice with noise, balls of paper), allowing him to entertain himself when are without company, but keep in mind that the tapes, yarns, needles and small spheres are toys potentially very dangerous.
The kitten should be taught to sharpen the nails on a tree or a particular subject, to avoid later the use of sofas and carpets for this purpose.
If you need the kitten to travel by car, should begin by making short trips, so that later he doesn’t fret.