Why do dogs sniff the tail of other animals?

In the region of the anus of dogs is a scent gland that identifies each animal, as a sort of fingerprint to humans. These odors provide much information about the animal. Moreover, before being domesticated, dogs identified the leader of the pack by the smell of the anus, because this way they knew if he was eating often. Therefore, defecating often, they knew he was eating the best part of hunting, which has a distinctive smell and is owned by the leader. When a dog wants to show authority, he raises his tail as if proud of the smell of his anus. On the other hand, a submissive animal acts in reverse, hiding his tail.


Why do dogs want to smell all that are ahead?

The olfactory system of dogs is much better than ours. It is a kind of source of information for them. Dogs have about 200 million receptors for smell, while humans have only 5 million. Therefore, they are able to identify odors that we do not realize. They can, for example, keep track of people smell after several days.


The dogs hear better then the humans?

Yes, they can hear a sound at a distance four times greater than we can. Moreover, with the help of his directional ears, they can accurately capture the direction of the source of the sound in just six hundredths of a second. Dogs pick up sounds beyond our frequency. Humans hear frequencies between 16 and 20,000 Hz, while dogs can hear between 10 and 40.000Hz..


Is true that dogs can’t see some colors?

Yes, they can see blue, yellow and gray. They can’t differentiate the colors green and red. So, if you want to teach your pet to look for objects on the lawn, choose, for example, the blue tones, it will be easier to find them visually.


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Why do dogs chase cats?

Domestic dogs carry in their genetic make many instincts inherited from their wild relatives. An instinct that remains to this day is the hunting.

Certain stimulations generated by animals, frightened or in escape, wake up that instinct in the domestic dog.

The cat is an animal very agile and quick, they often awake the predatory instinct of dogs with bigger easiness.

When a cat coexists with a dog, the dog tends to get used to the movements of the cat and the cat tends to make less abrupt movements, transforming the living together in friendship.


Do you know why cats scratch?

To sharpen the claws, too, but this is not the only reason. They scratch to stretch, play and, especially, to communicate. That's right! For cats, leaving these signals in the form of scratches is a way to mark territory. And it's a habit. All cats scratch, including those who have no more nails!


The fish are able to sleep?

Fish sleep, but not as human beings, because, as they do not have eyelids, they do not close their eyes. The sleep of the fish is characterized by reduction of their vital movements during a certain time of day.

Even during this period of rest, forcing fish to pass oxygen into their gills to open and close the mouth. Thus, they continue breathing as "nap".


Some animal understands human language?

Many animals can understand words spoken by us. Until the moment, scientific tests show that the most likely to capture the human language are the bonobos (a chimp-like ape), chimpanzees and parrots.


The animal has depression?

Like humans, any mammal can become depressed. In pets, one of the main symptoms is the lack of interest in routine activities such as eating, walking and playing. The source can be genetic or caused by diseases such as viruses. Keep an animal isolated affection of the owner or stuck in a small environment and without stimulations can also cause depression. And even the owner with depressive state may affect the animal.


The animals are also curious?

They are also curious and it has an important role in their survival.

The combination of curiosity and courage can lead the animal to death or reveal something new that improves their quality of life. If an animal decides to try a new food can become contaminated or, with luck, have a new source of food. Rats, dogs and primates are considered "operators" because they have the most curiosity.


Is true that koalas do not drink water?

They practically do not drink water. They live in high trees and feed on leaves that have plenty of fluids. Because they are easy targets for predators, hardly they go down to the ground.


The spikes of the hedgehog

The spikes are processed hair and a hedgehog adult has between 4000 and 8000, usually folded back. If scared, the bristles with the help of a strong muscle that covers the entire dorsal area.


Why the chameleon changes color?

In the skin of the chameleon are some cells called chromatophores, which contain pigments of different colors. These cells can contract or expand, as the animal's nervous reactions, and cause an unequal distribution of pigment, which means the color modifications.

These changes vary with temperature, light, humidity, but also the mood of the reptile. A chameleon it’s not red, but black with anger, calm, back to green...


A flick with the tongue

The projection of the remarkable tongue of the chameleon often exceeds 5 meters per second when launched towards to his prey, which have not suspected.


The eyes of the gecko

Nearly, all geckos are devoid of the eyelids and, instead of these the eye is protected by a transparent membrane fixed. Licking the eye to clean is a common attitude to most of geckos.