Vaccination against Rabies 2008

The best way to celebrate World Animal Day is providing veterinary care and assistance in rural areas of the cities of Maputo and Matola.

So far, 1491 pets had free rabies vaccination and first health care.

This is a voluntary campaign organized by PETS. The collaboration of other organizations or individuals is always welcome.

This project was successful and would not have been possible without the support of:

Ana Lobo – MOZAL

Dr. Ana Maria – VET FARMA

Dr. Américo da Conceição – Ministry of Agriculture

Paulo Jorge Brito de Morais – PETS Veterinary Clinic

Juvêncio Engraça – PETS Veterinary Clinic

Lourenço Mabule – VET FARMA



A Special Thanks to the students of Veterinary Medicine at

Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) that were involved in this project.

They are:

Bania Samuel Jaquessene

Osvaldo Frederico Inlamea

Mércia Almeida

Chenjerai Jairoce Sixpence

Aureliana Chambal

Carlos de Almeida

Raquel Vaz


Nuelma Muhate

António Baptista Júnior

Paula Taunde

Ofélia Luís Nhambirre

Delvio Moreira

Bibiana Melchior

Arsénio José Muchongo

Ilda Maximiano Chilengue

André Nhambir

Raquelina Ângela Ferreira

Sara Grosso

Jeremias Muazeia

Animals Vaccinated by Zones

Benfica - 157

Luís Cabral – 273

Bagamoio – 111

Zimpeto - 23

Malhxazine - 145

Inhagoia - 93

25 de Junho A - 193

25 de Junho B - 103

Mozal - 80

Fomento - 250

Liberdade – 50

Machava – 10

T3 – 3


Slideshow Raiva '08