Our Staff is composed by:


Ana FláviaArsénio Muchongo Daine Katar

Esperança Manhanga

Veterinary Medicine Degree in 2004 from the Eduardo Mondlane University. Specialized in the Small Animal Clinic, Surgery and Dentistry.


Veterinary Nurse Technicians

Anselmo JiuaioArlindo Ubisse Bruno CotelaZacarias Nhunhu

Management Department

Carolina Iva

Manager of Human Resources

Eunice Castro Mariana Dias

Sandra Mucavele

Receptionist and Secretary

Organizational Staff

Orácio Chauque


Ricardo Jorge Mandlate


Our Pet Sitters are always well prepared to monitor the day-by-day of the housed animals, providing them the best possible warmth, so they do not miss home. Our Pet Sitters are also ready to receive any instruction or suggestion of our customers.


PETS also contribute to the formation, providing opportunities for internships for students of veterinary medicine. We want to thank to the interns of this year.